Some Exciting News

Hi, Adam O’Dell here again.

I’ve got some exciting news to share…

Since this news broke, we’ve experienced an enormous surge in registrations for my event

So, I’m glad to hear you already secured your seat ahead of time. Looks like it’s going to be a packed house!

It’s all because of a trade I just closed out that made 428% profits in about eight weeks.

On May 28, 2018 I rushed out an alert to my readers urging them to buy an undervalued takeover target in the grocery business called SuperValu Inc. (SVU).

“If a prominent grocery chain, like Kroger, was willing to acquire Supervalu for a 25% premium to today’s stock price – roughly the premium that Amazon paid for Whole Foods’ stock – shares of Supervalu could go for more than $22.50.”  

Looking back at that alert, it reads as if I had inside information on the deal. But I assure you — I had NO inside track on this trade.

I simply recommended SVU, first and foremost, because the stock met all the criteria of my systematic, rule-based strategy.

Its trend was positive. Its forward-looking momentum was far stronger than the market’s. And its seasonality was favorable.

I issued a buy recommendation in accordance with the rules of my system.

And on July 26, SVU was acquired for $32 a share, handing my readers a 428% profit in just eight weeks.

What makes this all worthwhile is the notes and letters from subscribers like Michael K. who sent me this…

“Adam, almost sold at a 10% gain, will never doubt you as long as I have funds. One day gain, unbelievable. Did sell all SVU at market.”

In fact, he was so excited that he sent me a screenshot of his actual trading account showing an incredible $39,912 gain, as you can clearly see below.

Michael is just one of many readers who I regularly hear from when it comes to their successes.

Here’s a few others…

“I’ll be honest, I’ve never seen anything like this. I captured 112% on the first half of the trade and 431% on the balance. All I can say is that I am a true believer in your system. Overall your results have been unbelievable. This past year has been the best in all of my years of investing.” – John W. 

“Your program has been great. I have made over $35,000 in about two years with small trades.”  – Gary K. 

“Thank you for the direction on XLY. Sold 50% of my holdings when you first advised for a 130% gain. Then sold 25% of my holdings for a 360% gain… In total I made over $8,000 in the short window of 6 to 7 weeks.”  – Tim L. 

“My success rate is 76% with profits of just over USD $10,000. I am really enjoying the experience and having fun at the same time!” -John D.  

I’ll walk you through a few more big winning trades at my LIVE event this Thursday.  

I look forward to seeing you there. 

— Adam O’Dell